Born in 1962 in Pietrasanta, a city steeped in art, traditionally  recognized for the quality of the work of its master artisans and famous  for the creation of marble and bronze sculptures. Pietrasanta’s  enduring artistic heritage continues to this day due to the flourishing  of significant works by many of today’s most influential artists.  Marcello’s love of the classical tradition defines him as a pre-eminent  portrait sculptor.

Attended the Pietrasanta  Art Institute ”Stagio Stagi.” At sixteen entered into a ten year  apprenticeship at the Claudio Mariani Foundry, learning from master  artisans the techniques of mould making and bronze casting. Selected in  1988 to assist the acclaimed Polish sculptor Jgor Mitoraj which gained  him an in-depth understanding of figurative art and form along with the  further mastery of clay modelling methods. In 1991 founded his own  sculpture studio in Pietrasanta, assisting many of today’s major  contemporary artists, and with his extensive knowledge and experience  worked on a wide range of successful collaborations.   Shortly after relocating  to Montreal in the Fall of 2016, he founded the Italian Art Center with partner Nathalie Purchio. His deeply-held convictions about the essentialness  of art drive him to share Italian art traditions with professional  artists and serious amateurs. Marcello Giorgi, himself a perpetual  student and apprentice of revered art teachers, is unwavering in his  commitment to pass on his comprehensive knowledge.  His works can currently be found in museums, public spaces  and in private collections around the world.   


Main Works & Exhibitions

2019 - Nostra Luna, in collaboration with Craigger Browne, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, AL, USA

2018 - Group Exhibition, Le Jardin de la Sculpture, Montreal, QC, Canada

2018 - Group Exhibition, Le Printemps de la Sculpture, Ste-Agathe, QC, Canada

2016 - Fundraiser, Service Communautaires Canadiens-Italiens du Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada

2016 - “Timeless Art”, Leonardo DaVinci Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada

2015 - Commemorative bronze medallion for the City of Stazzema, presented to ex-president of Italy Giogio Napolitano. Rome, Italy

2014 - Le Grand Salon de la Sculpture, Palais des Congres de Montreal, QC, Canada

2014 - Leonardo da Vinci Center, "Due destini una Passione", Montreal, QC, Canada

2014 - 1er Printemps de la Sculpture, Lachute, QC, Canada.

2013 - Homo Faber, Pietrasanta, Italy.

2012 - collaborated with Master Cesare Monti to realize a Summer performance, “La Memoria della Pietra”. Pietrasanta, Italy.

2011 - BBC documentary “the Ancient Roman” explaining the tecnhnique of ancient Roman bronze casting by producing a portrait. Pietrasanta, Italy

2009 - "The Lampada Art & Antiques Fair", London, England

2009 - "Mostre in Villa", Viareggio, Italy.

2009 - "ZTL in Art", Carrara, Italy

2009 - “L'eccesso e la misura”, San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy

2009 - "Michelangelo and his Heirs" Festival, Alabama, USA

2007 - Solo exhibition "Arte ed Artigianato", Cloister of St. Agostino, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy.

2007 - 750th commemorative bronze plaque for the City of Pietrasanta. Tuscany, Italy.

2006 - Bronze memorial portrait, Carabiniere Alessandro Pibiri, died in Iraq. Sardinia, Italy.

2004 - Commissioned to reproduce the commemorative sculpture for the victims of the First World War in Genova. The original bronze sculpture was destroyed by the Italian Government’s policy of "Metal for Arms" for the Second World War.

2004 - Bronze memorial high-relief, Second-lieutenant Enzo Fregosi, died in Iraq. Tuscany, Italy.

2003 - BBC commission to create a reproduction of Michelangelo's "Sleeping Cupid" The original sculpture was lost during a blaze destroying London's Whitehall in1698. The film "The Divine Michelangelo" shows Marcello working in his studio, includes an interview with him, filmed in the British Museum, London, England.

2001 - Marble memorial with portrait, Messina, Sicily, Italy.

1999 - The success of the Giovanni Pisano columns, leads to a commission to create a copy of the base of "Perseo" by Benvenuto Cellini. Marcello's bronze copy is now on public display in Florence's Loggia dei Lanzi (Piazza Della Signoria). The original base has been moved to the Bargello Museum in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

1998 - Bronze memorial stone, Hallin Medical University, Seoul, Korea.

1997 - Clay high-relief for the votive chapel dedicated to S. Leonardo da Porto Maurizio, Gallicano, Tuscany, Italy.

1997 - Commemorative bronze bas-relief, Fornovolasco, Tuscany, Italy.

1996 - Belle Arti di Siena competition winner for reproduction of marble columns of the Duomo di Sienna created by Giovanni Pisano in the 1300's. Original columns housed in the Museo dell'OPA of Siena. Marble copies of columns crafted by Marcello replace original columns at front entrance of the Duomo di Siena. Tuscany, Italy.1995 - Bronze statue “The Gazelle Fountain” King of Oman’s summer residence.

1993 - Bronze bust of Alessandro Bendocchi, Massarosa.Stadium, Tuscany, Italy.

1993 - Bronze bust of “Raffaello Pezzini”, C.I.S.L head office in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

1992 - Bronze bust of "St. Giuseppe Marello", Pompei Cathedral Garden, Naples, Italy.

"Freedom", Marble with Brass, 2019 - B.B. Commer Memorial Library, Sylacauga, AL, USA, 2019

"Freedom", Marble with Brass, 2019 - B.B. Commer Memorial Library, Sylacauga, AL, USA, 2019